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Service Offerings



Well-trained people are the most valuable asset to any company.  People are also the most vulnerable parts of a company’s security efforts.  We offer trainings on security best practices.   We also offer hands-on workshops for implementing security tools and processes.

Strategic Advising

Doing security (right) is hard. It costs you time, as well as money.   You need to be efficient in execution, and ensure your actions were effective.  We meet you where you are, and use a risk-based approach to prioritize efforts to build/expand your program.

Security Assessments

Technology decays. Environments change. Time passes. We assess your technology, processes and people - and show you how these expose you to risk.  Trust us to vet your current systems or new processes under development.  

Incident Response

Something happened – that can’t be changed.  We step in at this critical time to help you understand what you can do, and what’s beyond your control.  The focus of a response must be to stop ongoing damage, understand damage done and its implications for your business, and to learn lessons to prevent reoccurrence.

Staff Augmentation

Picking the right security technology is hard, picking the right people can be even harder. We are your short or long term partner, helping you execute an information security program, configure existing technology, or perform customized in-house work.

Strategic Security partner

Cybersecurity is the linchpin of your company's business model - but you're still small, and can't yet justify a full-time leadership position.  We are your virtual CISO.  We shape your company's security posture as it grows and changes, until you can onboard a permanent security leader.